Master Moocher

Hello people, welcome to my blog.  A quick background: I have another blog shared with my sister-in-law, but I think now is the time to branch out a bit further and try more of my own stuff here! I took up baking about a year and a half ago and safe to say this is one hobby that isn’t going anywhere!

My name is Eve, but the title of my blog, ‘Sam Loves Cake’ comes from a different sort of cupcake enthusiast.  Sam, is my family’s third boxer. He is different from all of our other boxers because he doesn’t like to walk, or go outside in the dark.  He is a low energy dog who loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch.  Tough luck for him because my Dad is an active walker and my late boxer, Jake, couldn’t wait to get outside and run.

Sadly, we lost Jake at age twelve and a half a year ago, and Sam took it badly.  Ever since, now at ten years old, Sammy is quite happily getting spoiled by his family.  Particularly so, as we found out a few weeks back that we won’t have much longer with Sam due to a cancerous growth that keeps coming back.  Therefore, I am dedicating my new blog to this gorgeous ‘forever puppy’ who has become notorious for his cupcake snatching in our home.

It began with hoovering crumbs up at our feet, and then with the puppy dog eyes (learned from the master moocher, Jake), followed by a table snatch of one of my Mum’s home-made empire biscuits when everyone had left the room.  It became clear that Sam meant business when it came to food.  He has a particular fancy for cheese, and has perfected the art of separating left over potatoes from bits of tasty chicken.

When it comes to cupcakes, Sam’s eyes widen as the plate is passed around the room and he watches you carefully at every bite.  Recently he has been treated with the last bite of cake…of everybody’s cake.  But he’s honest.  If he doesn’t like something I or my Mum has baked – he won’t eat it!

Eve x


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