Swirling Raspberry Ripple Cake

I made this cake for my Mum’s birthday last year and loved it!  I’m sharing it here now, because I would quite like to go back and try some more of Edd Kimber’s cake recipes.  This was a challenging cake for me to make when I was just starting off baking, but I was pleased with the results! I got the recipe out of the Good Food magazine, and found the book in my local library:

The book is great and I recommend giving it a try (even if you just pick it up from your library).  I’m going to try some more cakes from  here, I heard the Grasshopper Cake is supposed to be really good!

Sam’s Opinion: Sam fell out with everybody because he didn’t get a piece of this fabulous cake.  He curled up in his little box for the rest of the night. I gave him a chew the next morning and he forgave me – a bit.

P.S If you want to make this cake right now, blogger Jo from Jo Blogs has the recipe in her recipe file!

Eve x


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