Being British About Cupcakes

As this is a new blog I would like to fill it up a bit with a few of my recent projects, which includes the Diamond Jubilee.  Technically, Britain is celebrating the Jubilee all year in some way or another, plus with the addition of the Olympics a Union Jack here or there won’t go amiss!

I haven’t actually made any Olympic cupcakes this year; there appears to be a lot of funny rules about what you can and cannot put on a cupcake…such as the rings, 2012, the colours, team GB, or basically any other obvious reference to the London 2012 Olympics.  I don’t really have the time to think up cryptic cupcake designs at the moment, so I will take this opportunity to share a few of the cupcakes I made for the Jubilee.  With the exception of the crown, I think I could get away with these in time for the Olympics!




The Union Jack teapot cupcakes are funfetti cupcakes which are vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles mixed throughout the sponge.  They are really easy to make with a simple vanilla cupcake recipe and kids love them for their colourfulness.

The crown cupcakes are vanilla white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes.  The frosting is a white chocolate cream cheese frosting with a raspberry coulis drizzled over the top and a sprinkling of white chocolate.  Yum!

I think I will write a post about this raspberry coulis later, because it is actually a non-frozen homemade ice-cream!

Did you see the opening ceremony last night?  I enjoyed the industrial revolution sequence but was a bit let down with nearly everything else…especially the British music section!

Sam’s Opinion: Sam didn’t take part in the Jubilee celebrations (he was so relieved because my best friend’s dog was dressed up in a union jack scarf and hat), but he did sit and watch a bit of the London 2012 opening ceremony with me.  He wasn’t very impressed and slept through most of it.  Then it got a bit too much for him and he went to listen to the radio in the next room with my Dad.  (And I gave up after Jamaica…).

Eve x


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