Sad News

I am very sad to say that we did not get the few more months with Sam that we were hoping for.  He took a sudden, sharp decline at the weekend and we had to let him go yesterday.

It has been a difficult few days and my family are feeling the loss.  He was an amazing dog who loved nothing more than sleeping on the couch and spending time with his family.  Most nights he would watch telly with me for an hour or so; then leave to sit beside my Dad and listen to music; before finally heading upstairs to sleep beside my Mum as she read.  He was everybody’s dog, loved by all of our friends and had a true boxer character.

Sam Loves Cake is a fact, not just a title, and I will continue to post baking stories past and present.  Recipes that I have already made will still have Sam’s input included if he was lucky enough to taste them! For all of my upcoming recipes, it will be hard not having my dog friend there to mooch relentlessly.  I can only hope that the cheese and cupcakes are better wherever he is now!


Missing him always, our wee Sam x


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