Yummy Carrot Cake

Recently I’ve been trying a few things out of the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.  The recipes all look really nice and I wanted to try the carrot cake especially.

This was my first attempt at a carrot cake (not sure why I haven’t made one before) and I thought it was quite nice!  I didn’t do a three layer cake like in the book, simply because I wasn’t in the mood to wait on the first two tins coming out of the oven before I could put in the third (I only have two cake tins of the same size, not three).


This is not going to be my last carrot cake! I want to try a few until I find my favourite, so this post might be updated in the future.  I make my simple fondant carrots with a petal cutter and a stephanotis cutter which only takes a few minutes.  I think I’ll try Lorraine Pascale’s carrot cake next, because her recipe uses orange zest which sounds good to me!

Eve x



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