Betty Book

I have been looking for a new book to write all of my favourite recipes in for a while now, but I wanted it to be just right.  As you may know, when I was born, my Dad wanted to name me Betty (but my Mum insisted on Eve).  This has always been a sort of pseudonym for me in life, especially as my best friend’s Mum wanted to call her Beatrice (but she got a different name instead!).  We would have been Beatrice and Betty at school.  I feel like fate did us a favour there somehow!

Anyway, my Mum was in Perth yesterday and found me this book:

I love it! It is now my new recipe book and I’m going to start pencilling in my favourites tonight.  Betty Books come in various colours and you can have a look at them here and you can also read their blog to see the good work they are doing with the money raised from selling Betty and Betts products.

Do you have a favourite book to keep your recipes in?

Eve x


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