Gaga About Cupcakes

My best friend’s little sister started to lose her sight at age 16.  It is a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) for which there is currently no cure.  Ever since, she has been holding fundraisers and sponsors to raise money for the charity researching this condition.  Tonight, we are having a big party and raising money at the same time.  My friend’s Mum asked if I would donate a box of cupcakes as a raffle prize; well I did two!

I could do any theme I wanted, but I decided to stick with the theme of the actual party, which was Lady Gaga as we will be having a Gaga tribute performance.

In each box, I made six unique flavours, and I based each cupcake on a song.

Above: Cinnamon Pink Champagne Cupcake; Poker Face

Above: Mango-Lime and Coconut Cupcake; Just Dance

Above: Orange Blossom and Rum Cupcake; Alejandro

Above: Vanilla Cupcake; Paparazzi

Above: Marshmallow Cupcake; Born This Way

Above: Chocolate Cherry Cupcake; Bad Romance

I decided to take it one step further to make these cupcakes really special.  My Mum is very artistic, so I asked her if she would like to draw a few designs on the cupcake boxes I was going to use.  I mean, these are Lady Gaga tribute cupcakes, they just wouldn’t be right in a plain white box with a bit of ribbon.  I picked a few album covers and some iconic images, handed them over to my Mum, and we agreed that the design would be black and white with a pop of red.  Well here they are!

I can’t wait to see who wins these!

E x


7 thoughts on “Gaga About Cupcakes

    1. Thank you; it was good fun coming up with individual cupcakes to represent each song! I will definitely do something like this again if the opportunity comes up.

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