Dolly the Cupcake

I’m going on a field trip.  I am not excited about this. So.  For myself and my friends, I made four big sheep cupcakes to take away with us, since we are after all going faaaaar up north for a few weeks.

Meet Dolly, Polly, Molly and Holly.  They’re quite cute don’t you think?  I was inspired to make these from the cookie/cake sheep in Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, oh, my! 

To make these designs on cupcakes instead, I scooped a large dollop of buttercream on top of marshmallow cupcakes and then attached the fondant face and ears to the large ball of icing.  Then I arranged mini marshmallows all over the icing to make really cute, but giant, sheep!

And, just a little extra piece of information you don’t really need to know; the packing list for my field trip requires a midge net.  You don’t see Hogwarts students getting asked for that in Diagon Alley.  And then, just to make the whole situation seem worse, my friend found midge proof underwear online which according to the website, is designed for areas severely affected by midges such as Scandinavia and Scotland!! 

Okay, I’m overreacting.  It’s not as if I haven’t had my share of midge bites when camping up north.  It’s kind of funny; for a while.  I just want to enjoy my last two weeks of my summer not drawing rocks…

Happy Baking!

E x


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