Cinnamon Banana Cupcakes

I seem to make so many banana bakes that it’s getting out of hand! Anyway, here is a cinnamon banana cupcake I made, and I found it quite cheery –

This is quite simply a cupcake out of a batch made with two mashed super ripe bananas, a teaspoonful of cinnamon and a dollop of delicious cream cheese frosting.  Delish.

Eve x


2 thoughts on “Cinnamon Banana Cupcakes

    1. Oh no! What I meant was that it is my usual cupcake sponge mixture that I make, with the addition of just two bananas and cinnamon into that mixture : ) These wrappers are fantastic, although they are a lot smaller than my cupcake cases that I normally use, and because they are made of card, it takes a little more effort to get into the cake!

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