Sweetie Birthday Cake

I spent hours trying to decide what do do for my best friend’s birthday cake – I mean the pressure was on and the expectations were high!  A twentieth birthday cake has to make some kind of a statement…we’re growing up…we’re not teenagers anymore…it’s time for us to be sophis’ticated…

I made a super duper colourful sweetie cake with mountains of sugar sprinkles and a sparkler on top!



Happy Birthday!

Eve x


5 thoughts on “Sweetie Birthday Cake

  1. WOW!!! Look at all those sprinkles!!!!! Yum! This is such an awesome bday cake!!! Omg. In love. Where are the letters from? I hope you don’t mind if I copy your lovely decorating idea for future friends’ bdays… 🙂

    1. It got messy in the kitchen as I pretty much threw all those sprinkles at the sides of the cake as soon as it was frosted! I made the letters with white flower paste and dusted them a jade green colour. I cut them out with tappits – so much neater than standard metal letter cutters. Of course you can copy this – so easy to make as there’s no real work needed with fondant for decorating (except the flower paste letters!) : )

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