For You, With Love. P.S This is not a tester!

Christmas is still a bit a way but you are never to early to get prepared for the all important gifts, especially if you are going to do something really creative.  I adore Christmas, my favourite part being the big family dinner (with my job being to design the table setting every year!).  Presents are good too of course!

I have bought nearly all of my gifts this year, only because my exams go right up to the 21st of December – not exactly the best advent is it?  I am however doing a few cupcake boxes for some family members who I normally give a small gift to.  Luckily for me it was my birthday at the end of last month and one of my friends bought me Christmas cupcake boxes and gift tags!  Perfect!

If you don’t have any baked goods labels, there are a few that you can download for free on some lovely design and cake pages!

Here are a few that I found:

1. Simple but effective gift tags for cupcakes.  These can be downloaded for free at Dollhouse Bake Shoppe.

2.  I love these polka dot wrappers and labels, especially with the twine bows! From The Tomkat Studio.

3.  A very sweet label perfect for a gift to a sister or friend.  This one can be found on Everybody Likes Sandwiches.

4.  I think this is the style I will be going for this year! I really like these designs by Love Vs Design.

Baked Goods Gift Tags

5.  A pretty idea is to wrap a garland around your cake box.  You can download the tags from Bake It Pretty.

6.  And then there is this cute and stylish ‘Made with Love’ tag from Anders Ruff.  It comes in pink too!

Hope you can get some ideas from these!

Enjoy your festive baking

Eve x



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