Christmas Round-Up

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone!  If the run-up to Christmas had not been so hectic for me I would have made lots of gorgeous cakes, cookies and desserts for the festive season.  Unfortunately, five stressful exams prevented me from doing this, but I did manage to cram in some last minute cupcakes on the weekend before Christmas!

Of all the exam periods I have had at university, this was by far the worst!  Five exams, three of them being in a row and the last one on the 21st of December was horrible!  I remember sitting with my friends in the student union eating nachos before one of our middle exams, and it felt as though we had all given up.  I do love how we all cram differently (and I love that it’s never just me who’s left it all to the last minute).  I am the one who stays up till 2am the night before an exam trying to learn an entire course in one go (I know, I know…) and one of my other friends goes to bed at 8pm after one exam, and wakes up at 3am to cram for six hours or so before the next one!

Not a good way to learn at all.  But, to be fair to myself, I did study throughout term…it just didn’t help me at all when it came to exams because I had forgotten everything! So sometimes, cramming is necessary, it just is.

Anyway, cakes.

I made cupcake selections for relatives this year, and these were the boxes and labels my friend got me for my birthday – I absolutely love these boxes!

Home-made Christmas Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake

These are peppermint candy cane cupcakes, with a lovely creamy mint surprise in the middle.

Peppermint Candy Cane Cupcake, Sam Loves Cake

I couldn’t do Christmas without red velvet cupcakes!  I originally decorated these with just one little holly at the side, but as I was carrying them through to the dining room in the dark, I suddenly thought they looked like little ghosts!  And so followed a rapid assemblage of holly sprinkles around these cakes at 11pm at night!

Red Velvet Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake

And then some Christmas spice cupcakes with gingerbread men sprinkles.

Christmas Spice Cupcake, Sam Loves Cake

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Eve x


3 thoughts on “Christmas Round-Up

  1. With the red velvet and Christmas spice cupcakes, what tip and technique do you use to get that icing effect? It’s gorgeous, but I can’t figure it out. A big circular tip maybe, but then how do you get the icing to spread out like that?

    1. It is the circular tip (number unknown as I do not have wilton tips) and it’s definitely the simplest way for me to pipe icing onto cupcakes! I usually only use this technique when I am piping cream cheese frosting, because it has the best consistency (for me) to get the firm structure to last when the icing is not swirled on. To do it, I just hold the tip very slightly above the centre cupcake and apply lots of pressure, no rotation of the wrist at all – not lifting the tip until the very last moment when I am happy with how much icing I have on the cake. When I lift the tip from the icing I push it into the icing slightly first and then lift up to leave a neat little peak on the dome. I hope I have explained this clearly, but I will be making cranberry cupcakes tonight with the same icing technique, so I may add a photo of the tip I use if it is helpful for you and anyone else : )

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