Happy New Year!

As usual I always have high hopes for the new year to come – and I do have big plans for this year!  I hope you all enjoyed your New Years  parties and get togethers wherever you were.

I was out enjoying the Edinburgh Hogmanay street party – and it was a very big party! With the city’s major streets filled bursting with people it was definitely a night to remember.

And then there was New Years Day with the family, and I of course begged to do the dessert!  I chose two recipes from my new favourite book (The Boy Who Bakes), and made chocolate brownie sundaes and an apple pie cake.  I haven’t tried the brownies yet but I was assured they were so good they shouldn’t be allowed – that’s good enough for me!  I did eat a piece of the apple pie cake, and although not my favourite, it was a nice slice of cake.  Be warned though, if you ever find yourself making this cake, it is difficult to cut as the layers of apples are so slippy!

Fireworks from the castle:

Hogmanay, Sam Loves Cake

Hogmanay, Sam Loves Cake

Me on the  (twice the normal price!) Merry-Go-Round:

On the merry go round, Sam Loves Cake

Apple Pie Cake, minus the caramel sauce (it did get put on, I was just too rushed to get a photo before serving!):

Apple Pie Cake, Sam Loves Cake

Chocolate Fudge Brownies:

Chocolate Fudge Brownies, Sam Loves Cake

Brownie Sundae with homemade sauce (I put colourful sprinkles on these too just before serving, it was nice!):

Brownie Sundae, Sam Loves Cake

It has been a fun New Year, although I feel like I haven’t stopped since my exams finished!  Long lie tomorrow I think.

Edinburgh Hogmany – the advice my brother gave me:

1) Take your own drink in a big bottle – this saves you quite a bit of money

2) Absolutely do not go without toilet roll – the port-a-loos are very unreliable (My own insert: just do not use the port-a-loos…they are particularly bad at this party!)

3) Do not wear good gloves – they will likely get pulled off your hands will all the hand-shakes you will receive

4) Arrange a meeting point – it’s easy to get lost in a crowd of 80,000 people!

Hope yours was a good one and wishing you a Happy New Year from Scotland!

Eve x


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