Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

Do you ever just crave a no-fuss cupcake?  A little treat for yourself with just a few colourful sprinkles or none at all?  I do!  Especially now that I’ve started yet another semester at university, now looking to be one of the most difficult yet.  So I made a batch of cupcakes to cheer myself up.

I really like the style of Georgetown Cupcake’s baking, and as I was reading about them on the internet, I came across the recipe for their chocolate ganache!  And while I do not believe it is the exact recipe they use in their cupcakery, it was good enough for me and I got really excited to make some cake!

It is a typical ganache recipe of roughly 2-part chocolate to 1-part double cream (I say roughly because I was converting from cups) and it’s pretty yummy.


Chocolate Ganache Cupcake, Sam Loves Cake

In my haste I did a pretty rubbish job of dipping and covering the cakes smoothly in ganache, and eventually whipped out the good old spatula to spread it on – and then I grouped a little cluster of sprinkles on top.  As nice as my cupcake was, I’m not going to lie, I still prefer buttercream or cream cheese frosting on top of my cupcakes!

Next I want to try some malteser cupcakes, and of course Valentine’s cupcakes – I’m hoping to try my first heart inside a cupcake using Megan Seling’s book for guidance.  Meanwhile, I’ve been eating all of the loveheart sweets I’m supposed to be saving for next month!  Also, I really feel like I should be making some Burns night cupcakes, being Scottish and all, but I’ll see how I’m feeling – I was never the biggest Burns fan…

January is such a weird month I think.  I’m also a bit miffed that most of Scotland’s snowfall is missing out my town and I’ve been given near enough a hundred science papers to read by late March.  So I’ve been spending a lot of my evenings grungeing in my jammies watching my Smash box set and eating nachos and chocolate.  I wrote my first ever music review too!  It’s not your typical music review – it’s a bit more like how I interpreted the album and especially its lyrics.  But it was fun to do!

So once I get out of my January blues – which is ‘supposed’ to be tomorrow when I start my 2013 fitness regime (yawn) – I’ve got big plans for the year ahead.  A lot of travelling, lots of cakey things, and a lot of landmark ages in my family – so lots of parties!

2013 Baking Aims:

1) Get meringues sorted!

2) Do not fall out with pastry.  Ever again.

3) Learn how to make pretty sugar paste flowers like a pro.

Do you have anything you want to perfect of learn how to do cakewise this year?

Eve x


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

  1. Cakewise, I want to find a recipe that makes 4 dozen vanilla cupcakes without sacrificing taste or texture that comes with a small batch that bakes a dozen. Even my 2-dozen recipe isn’t as awesome as the 1-dozen, and yes, I tried doubling it. Tricky! Keep watching for Cupcake Friday! because I know I won’t be able to keep it to myself once I’ve got there.

    1. Hmm that’s a tricky one; I usually only ever do double and make lots of batches (tedious I know, but a small stand mixer can only hold so much!). I did read somewhere that problems with tripling recipes (or greater) tend to come from working with volumetric measurements like cups and tsp/tbsp etc., and so it’s best to use weights when increasing batch size – I always use grams being from Britain! I hope you find something that works and I’ll definitely keep a look out on Cupcake Fridays!

  2. Okay, this isn’t exactly cake, but I really want to make croissants from scratch!! Cakewise…I want to make a really healthy layer cake. That also tastes awesome enough to fool healthy-cake-haterz. Somehow 🙂 I love your goals and those cupcakes look divine!

    1. Home-made croissants would be amazing! I haven’t gone near that kind of baking yet but I do love croissants : ) A healthy layer cake would be interesting, especially to see what you would use for a filling or frosting – it would be good to get around the temptation of using butter or cream cheese icing which is my unhealthy downfall!

      1. I agree–the healthy frosting part is a bit challenging, especially something that could mimic cream cheese icing! I think chocolate-y things are much easier to fake!

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