Malteser Cupcakes

I’m not the big Malteser eater in our family, that would be my brother, but I did want to try making Malteser cupcakes just to see what would happen.  What happened was an utterly unexpectedly divine chocolate cupcake with a Malteser on top!  I didn’t just want to make a plain chocolate cupcake and stick a little malt ball on top, so I crushed up a few handfulls of Maltesers and mixed them into my chocolate cupcake batter.  I don’t know what kind of magic happened in my oven today but it was sublime…there was no crunch in the sponge; instead, the Maltesers dispersed and dissolved turning my otherwise ordinary chocolate cupcake into an even chocolatier one with a little extra something!  I might have to put Maltesers in all of my chocolate cupcakes from now on…

Crushed Maltesers, Sam Loves Cake
Crushed Maltesers, Sam Loves Cake

I decided I didn’t want to blitz my Maltesers into fine crumbs – it turns out this was essential as the larger chocolate coats are what melted throughout my sponge.

Malteser Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake
Malteser Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake


I loved how the cupcakes looked when they came out of the oven!  At least they don’t look like plain chocolate cupcakes.

Malteser Cupcake, Sam Loves Cake
Malteser Cupcake, Sam Loves Cake


I had big plans for decoration you know.  I wanted to make a sort of a malt ball flower on top of the cupcake.  I was too ambitious it turns out, after three hours in the lab at university, and then baking cookies and a banana loaf when I got home before even starting the cupcakes! So yes, I had to adorn them with a completely predictable Malteser – but at least it’s obvious what’s in the cupcake right?

And then after looking at the bakery I had assembled in my kitchen, I decided it would be better to share out a lot of the goodies!  A close member of my family is expecting a baby in about a months time, so I came up with the idea of making a maternity box filled with the treats.

New Baby Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake
New Baby Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake

I took two of the Malteser cupcakes and turned them into appropriate baby cupcakes.

Maternity Treat Package, Sam Loves Cake
Maternity Treat Package, Sam Loves Cake


And then I filled up the box with two slices of banana loaf, four chocolate chip cookies, the cupcakes and a little dash of sprinkles.  I wrote a nice message on a postcard to go along with the box which I’ll be delivering tomorrow!

Best eaten at night with a good movie!

Eve x




7 thoughts on “Malteser Cupcakes

  1. They’re wonderful! I once topped cupcakes with ‘spaghetti’ icing (skinny circle tip, and lots of squeezing, raspberry jam ‘sauce’, and malteser ‘meatballs’. I had never thought to put them into cupcakes – deelish!

  2. Just trying out your malteser cupcakes for my farmers market this weekend 🙂 bet they are lovely. Btw love those cases and the little cake flags etc, where did you buy them if you don’t mind me asking? Love the goodie packge you put together too, what a lovely idea…

    1. It was my auntie who picked up the wrappers and flags for me and I have no idea where she got them from! You can probably find similar online – I find lots of cupcake wrappers on places like the Cake Decorating Co. at pretty decent prices. Hope the malteser cupcakes work out! I loved them : )

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