Red Velvet Cake

I’m getting the big cakes out!  Move aside cupcakes (although don’t really), because I’m on a cake run at the moment!  My 21st birthday is coming up this year (but not for a good ten months or so!) and I’m planning on having a Marie Antoinette themed party – so pink, white and grey will be the colours and I need to get my cake practise in!

I love red velvet, and I make super red velvet cupcakes, but today I endeavoured to make a red velvet cake.  I used Edd Kimber’s recipe, and it was of course delicious…but this is one of those flavours where I actually prefer the cupcake version…

Red Velvet Cake, Sam Loves Cake


I will try more red velvet cake recipes until I find my favourite, but as far as cupcakes go I love Hummingbird Bakery’s red velvet recipe and 6 Bittersweet’s recipe – they are both faultless although the Hummingbird recipe uses much less ingredients so it is usually my first choice.

Next time I will also be making more cream cheese frosting! As you can see from the sides of this cake I was running a bit short – and that was with me rationing the filling too!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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