Somewhere Over the Rainbow…at last!

Rainbow Cake, Sam Loves Cake

I have wanted to bake a rainbow cake for such a long time, but have never gotten around to doing it.  Well today I finally did it!  I thought it was going to be really stressful and rushed trying to get tin after tin of different coloured cake into the oven, but it was actually pretty fun.

Also it helped that I was super organised:

Baking, Sam Loves Cake


The only real complication I came across was the height, so I know this may seem really silly, but I squashed it down a bit – and it actually did help to stick the sponges closer together!

Rainbow Cake, Sam Loves Cake


And then I decided to decorate it with birds since “birds fly over the rainbow” and all that!

Rainbow Cake, Sam Loves Cake

Rainbow Cake, Sam Loves Cake

I was so happy when I saw the inside turned out the way it’s supposed to!

Then,  to top off my day, my Mum made us all a tasty lime and coconut square cake:

Mum's Lime and Coconut Slice, Sam Loves Cake

There is still hope though, because even with all of this cake, I still managed to fit into a new wetsuit today for my summer adventures this year!

Eve, Sam Loves Cake

On a side, I am actually really excited for summer this year (despite the wetsuit!)  I will be studying marine environments in Jamaica and then back in Scotland, and then I’ll be off to Mexico to do my final dissertation!  This for a girl who rarely travels, so I am super looking forward to it all.  That being said, one of my trips lasts six weeks, so I am going to prepare some summer blog material before I go; that’s something else new for me to try.  And finally…when I am away, Sam’s blog will turn one!  So I will make a little birthday cake before I leave as well.

Happy Baking as always!

Eve x


5 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow…at last!

    1. Thanks! I think I held off making mine for such a long time because I thought it was going to be too fiddly and a bit of a hassle but it really wasn’t : )

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