Candy Bar Pie!

The name of this pie is enough to make you want to dive into it.  When you do in fact do this, the taste is like all of your favourite sweet comfort foods combined in to one!  I love this pie.  It is from Hummingbird Bakery’s Home Sweet Home again, but I changed the finishing just a little.

It takes about two days to make this properly; this turned out to be very helpful for me!  I spontaneously decided to make this at about 10.30pm and then instantly regretted it as I was so tired.  Luckily for me I quickly discovered that I didn’t have much to do because half way through the recipe the pie has to sit overnight in the fridge.  Massive sigh of relief!

But wow.  Just wow.

Candy Bar Pie, Sam Loves Cake

The pie is essentially melted snickers over an oreo and disgestive biscuit base, topped with a cream cheese pie filling and then a chocolate ganache to finish.  Chopped peanuts decorate the ring of the pie and I drizzled a bit of white chocolate across the middle.

Candy Bar Pie, Sam Loves Cake

It is divine!

Eve, Sam Loves Cake

Oh my goodness I got so excited about this pie!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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