S’more Brownies – S’more please!

Essays, essays and more essays!  The lecturers are being particularly hard on us all this semester.  Still, I always make time for cake.  I have a new problem though – it is the absolute ease with which I can buy cake books on my Kindle at nearly half the shop price.  So.  My latest favourite book is the Hummingbird Bakery’s newest: Home Sweet Home, and boy is it a good book!

The first thing I chose to make from this was a batch of S’more Brownies.  I prefer to eat them heated up a little, but they are tasty cold as well.

S'more Brownie, Sam Loves Cake


I got really excited about using my chef blowtorch for the first time…but I forgot to get gas for it.  So sitting on the floor in front of the grill it was for me!  These were really straightforward to make and a yummy treat. Just don’t be tempted to cut these too soon if you are ever making them – the marshmallow is really stringy and sticky – so it is best to leave them overnight to set fully.  I also find it helps to dip the knife in water before cutting as well, as this resists the marshmallow a little bit!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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