LEGO at Easter Time

I absolutely loved LEGO as a child; my brothers had accumulated so much of it that by the time I was born, I could build metropolises!  Maybe that’s why I grew to love Sim City so much!  But mostly I just built zoos, and the occasional race track when my oldest brother was involved.

I now have three nephews.  That’s right – a whole family of boys and my Mum and I in the middle!  But nevertheless, it means we all get to play with LEGO again! (Like we needed an excuse!).  So for Easter this year, I wanted to make my two oldest nephews some cupcakes since they will be receiving lots of eggs no doubt.  And I also treated myself to a LEGO mould a few weeks back which I had still to use.  So these are slightly fake Easter cupcakes, but who would say no to LEGO?

LEGO Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake LEGO Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake LEGO Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake

I’m going to paint eggs with my nephew and sister-in-law tomorrow, and we’ll roll them down a hill.  Not done that in years!

On another note, today was my last day at work in the restaurant.  I’m really sad to be leaving all those fabulous cakes behind, but I have a really big year ahead of me and I’m moving to the city.  Who knows what will happen! The team gave me a lovely goodbye, and sent me away with flowers, Prosecco, chocolates and a beautiful bracelet.  The bracelet was personalised with my name, and some very significant charms attached: two cupcakes (since I am a cupcake fiend and baked cupcakes for the restaurant), a turtle and tropical fish (since I am jaunting about the Caribbean this year on some marine work), and an elephant (since they are my favourite animal and it was the pattern on my pinnie at work!).  So sad, but ready to move on to new things!

Happy Easter and Happy Baking!

Eve x

Update: One of my nephews munched a whole cupcake and proclaimed it was ‘delicious!’…my other nephew decided to build with his fondant LEGO instead…spot the cake lover and spot the LEGO lover!


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