Woodruff Jazz

I have a little bit of news!  After we lost our last boxer in the summer (beautiful Sam of course, pictured below), my parents made the decision to not get another dog.  About two months on, they agreed to consider the possibility of getting a new dog in a year or so.  A few months after that, they were in full swing saving coins and making plans for a new puppy.  And now, I am THRILLED to say…we’re getting a puppy!  He is not a boxer this time (a little bit strange for me since I grew up only with boxers), but a labradoodle.  So last week my parents went to choose their puppy and the whole family began name decision making. I made a huge list and ‘Woodruff’ was chosen as our puppy’s first name – but we will probably call him ‘Woody’.  My Mum also loved the name ‘Jazz’, and since we have always given our dogs a fun middle name…’Woodruff Jazz’ was chosen! (Sam had two middle names, Jedson and Supercool).

It’s going to be a big adventure, and I know we will love this dog so much.  Needless to say, this is still ‘Sam’s Blog’, and Woodruff will only be making the occasional guest appearance!  I am a little bit sad to be moving out this summer now, but I’ll be visiting lots and lots since I’m only half an hour away.

Here’s a little picture:

Woodruff Jazz, Sam Loves Cake

He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?


Eve x


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