I’m in Jamaica!

Hello everyone!  The time flew by and I am finally on my field trip in Jamaica!  The country is stunning, the temperature is a huge step up from Scotland and the people are so friendly.  I’m on day four of my trip and have had lots of fun already.

Before I left, I decided to make a hummingbird cake because it is so tropical; and because it is often known as Jamaica Cake.  Of course like a lot of cakes, there is a lot of dispute about where the hummingbird cake originated.  I don’t know, but I can say that wherever it came from it’s one of my favourites!

This was my first ever hummingbird cake, to make and to taste.  So I opted for a classic, straightforward recipe to begin with.  Fortunately it was so delicious that I am quite happy to continue using this recipe with only a few modifications!

I even managed to catch a rare Scottish sunset to photograph it with!

Hummingbird Cake, Sam Loves Cake

The cake is one of the moistest cakes I have ever tasted, and the pecans are so subtle yet delicious.  I added lemon to my favourite cream cheese frosting which made such a nice addition.  Also, I found that frosting on the top and in the middle was enough; the ratio was perfect and the cake really didn’t need to be frosted all the way around.

The campus we are staying in is lovely.  A lady called Precious makes our food and she bakes phenomenal cakes!  I am in total  admiration.  Here are a few pictures:

This is the bay right on our doorstep with resident pelicans!  We snorkeled in here on our first day which was a new experience for me but I loved it.

Discovery Bay, Jamaica, Sam Loves Cake


This was the beach bar we paddled over to from our boat.  The local beer is Red Stripe, the atmosphere is amazing.  I can totally understand why people become addicted to the Caribbean!


Beach Bar, Jamaica, Sam Loves Cake


The fruit is so much better over here than at home – I can’t get enough of the pineapple.  Next week we’re moving off into the jungle, so I expect to see some big bugs!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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