Cake Trails

It is no secret that I love cake, but it’s not just about the baking; it’s about experiencing bakeries and tea rooms everywhere I go.  So usually, this means that before every trip I get online and research the area in case there is a hidden gem of a bake shop that is not to be missed.  A few years ago, my Mum and I arranged a weekend trip to York for some fun.  My Mum arranged the hotel, but said she would leave everything else to me.  So, I made it my mission to make sure we got the most out of this short trip, and this I knew had to include cakes.

I began by searching on Trip Advisor for the best rated cafés and bakeries in the city.  Then I searched for the best afternoon teas in York.  As I did this, I came across something new to me.  I spotted search engine results titled ‘York cake trail’, ‘York coffee trail’, and ‘the York chocolate trail’ (along with a bemusing ‘York Cat Trail‘).  The closest thing I could relate this new phenomenon to was pub crawls, and I was extremely intrigued to find that people had planned out ‘cake crawls’ in cities everywhere.

Our trip to York ended up being excellent.  We managed to do shopping, cultural trips, and a whole lot of tearoom experimenting (and even the cat trail!).  Ever since, I have made it my goal to find the best bakeries and tearooms on all of my trips.  By doing this, I hope to create my own cake trail, a kind of ‘follow the breadcrumbs’ sort of thing, whereby I list my top ten cakeries in local towns and cities.  I want to begin by making my own version of the Edinburgh Cake Trail (I disagree with a few of the cake trails that currently exist there!).  I will start with Edinburgh because I study there and I am now living in the city as opposed to several miles outside of it.  I will explore as much of the city as I can to find my favourite cake shops, and then I will make my own trail.  I can’t wait!

In Scotland’s other great city, however, I visited a great place last week with my Mum.  It was called Cup Tea Lounge, and the shop was inside the former Bank of India building which was beautifully tiled with high ceilings and a great atmosphere.  Right outside the door was the cupcake menu – this made me very happy!

Cup Tea Lounge, Glasgow

I wonder if you can guess which two cupcakes my Mum and I had from the menu?  It would be a good way to test how representative their menu is!

Cup Tea Lounge, Glasgow Cup Tea Lounge, Glasgow

As for my baking?  It’s on hold until I can make up a bit of money that was spent in Mexico!  I have been making a few little things to fill up the kitchen counter, but the real baking will begin again in September when I join the university bake soc!  Meanwhile, I will just keep watching the Great British Bake Off!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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