I’m a Mean Girl.

Right now at this precise moment in time, I am sitting in a small cosy flat in the city listening to the trains go by with my favourite music playlist in the background.  I have just submitted a small university deadline and I have two old pumpkins on the dining table.  And fifty slowly deflating balloons are skirting about all over the floor.   At last I am returning to my favourite blog, Sam Loves Cake, after this whirlwind of a summer and autumn.

Since moving to the city, I got myself a job in a beautiful bakery, and I party several nights a week.  I actually stop at Starbucks on my walk home from uni, and I have dropped nearly a stone in weight.  Also, I bought an entire shelf specifically for my baking equipment and books.  I tried the university baking society, but it wasn’t for me.  I think I’ll stick to doing my own thing!

Two weeks ago was my flatmate’s birthday.  We decided to have a big girly night in with chick flicks and popcorn.  I set myself the task of making a “Burn Book” birthday cake to fit the theme!  “That is so fetch!”.

Burn Book Cake, Sam Loves Cake


This time last year I baked yummy Guy Fawkes Night cupcakes; I’m looking forward to the fireworks lighting up the city tomorrow night.  Maybe I’ll finally get my blowtorch out and scorch some s’more cupcakes!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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