Modern Marie Antoinette Party!

I can’t remember if I said but I had been planning my birthday this year around the theme of Marie Antoinette.  Like most of my parties of late, the venue was my garage – it can be turned into almost anything!  My birthday was very recently, and my friends and I got our hair done on the day for a bit of fun.  And then there was the cake of course! As per tradition, my Mum made my birthday cake for me.  I didn’t want a Marie Antoinette themed cake however; I really wanted a Mexican style tres leches cake!  My Mum made me two beautiful cakes to sit on the table for the party.  We decorated the garage with balloons, candles and bunting…there was a lovely clash of Mexico and Antoinette going on!

My Marie Antoinette inspired hair:

Antoinette Hair Antoinette Hair

The delicious cakes my Mum made for me!  A Mexican tres leches and a chocolate raspberry cake.

Tres Leches Cake Chocolate Raspberry Cake

The Garage:

The Bar – “Boom Booms” are a type of shot from Mexico that I absolutely love!

The Bar!

The Garage

The Garage


The Bar

Birthday Wall

The nickname I acquired in Mexico this summer has stuck!

"Boom Boom"

Rebecca trying her first Boom Boom! You need a tall shot glass, filled 3/4 with tequila, topped with a fizzy lemonade.  Cover the top of the glass with a thick napkin and bang it twice really hard on the bar (Boom Boom!) before downing VERY quickly!

Boom Booms!

My group of friends from home – we are called the “Wooden Spoons”!

"The Wooden Spoons! Happy Birthday! Birthday Spock Hair

It was such a good party!  Have you ever had a Marie Antoinette inspired party?

Happy Baking!

Eve x


6 thoughts on “Modern Marie Antoinette Party!

  1. Hi, Eve!

    How are you? From what I saw on your blog, very well! I wish you a happy birthday (sorry for being late, just read your last post today!) Your party must have been really fun, I love theme parties. Did you know Mexico and Jamaica, Latin America is very beautiful!

    Well, just came by to say hi, do not know if you still remember me – the boy from Brazil, remember?

    Hugs, God bless you!
    Gile (

    1. Hi Gile,

      Hi Gile, I’m good thank you! Theme parties are great fun, and yes I love Mexico and Jamaica after visiting them this year! Have you been before? Hope you are well, Eve.

      1. Hello, Eve!
        I’m fine, thank God. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to go to Mexico or Jamaica, but intend to go there someday. But I see pictures in travel’s sites and i like studying geography and geopolitics of these places.

        Hugs, God bless you!

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