Flowers, Essays and Cake

The month of January was difficult.  I had to finish my undergraduate dissertation, all my work from my summer in Mexico. It was tough, but it’s all done now!  Next up, finish university and graduate!  Am I excited? Half and half.  I love university so much, I could quite happily do another year, and I may even do a masters.  We’ll see.

But I live in the present, there’s no denying that.  So right now, I’m sitting in the library, listening to my music and pretending to study.  I’ve just got too much on my mind at the moment!  I had such a great day yesterday.  My friend Yanni and I made the spontaneous decision to go to the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens – it was so lovely! And on the way home we dived into this awesome Mexican restaurant, which I will definitely revisit!

Yanni’s birthday is coming up and guess who’s making the cake? Me! It is to be a tres leches cake of course, so that will be first attempt for me.  But I think I’ll do either a top tier tequila lime cake, or just make it a smaller separate cake to add to the celebrations.  So excited!  I’m still working in my favourite bakery in Edinburgh, I’ll be working on Valentine’s Day, so I hope to see lots of people in buying cupcakes for their other halves!

Edinburgh Botanical Gardens




Montane Gardens


Montane Gardens


The Basement


Tres Leches

So, if you have any out of this world tres leches cake recipes that I could try, send me the links!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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