SOTB Cake!

It was my good friend Yanni’s birthday last week, and I was asked to do two things: 1) bake the cake and 2) make the playlist.  Happy happy! I love a good party!

Anyway, the plan was that I would bake a tres leches cake as homage to our amazing trip to Mexico last summer.  But.  It didn’t work out!  I have been beaten by a recipe.  My conclusion is that this particular recipe I used does not react well to quantity changes; and when I doubled the quantities the cake rose up and over the tin in under ten minutes.  My second attempt was the normal quantity which shriveled up like a biscuit.  So, four cakes in the bin later, I text my friend to break the news.  The bottom tier would be vanilla, I had run out of time.  Thank goodness my vanilla sponge is awesome!

But I will soon return to the tres leches problem and find the perfect recipe!  Now the exciting bit…the top tier was a Sex on the Beach inspired cake.  I love my cocktails, and this is one that Yanni loves too!  The cake was a vodka-infused orange sponge with a cranberry jam and peach buttercream filling.  Oh my yum.  And that one worked first time!

Birthday Cake



It looked really good with about forty candles on top!  I love bonfire cakes!  The party was really really good, we played our classic drinking Jenga game and eat lots of cake.  My plan was to sleep in the next morning, and it was sorely needed, but the weather was so perfect I ended up going for a walk in my beautiful city. 



How absolutely gorgeous is Edinburgh?

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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