Courgette and Orange Loaf

I visited my hometown last week, and that was wonderful for so many reasons.  My family had another garage party, which meant LOTS of home cooking.  My brother launched his new album (at that garage party), which was also exceptional.  My dog had a haircut making him even more adorable.  And my Mum asked me if I would  like to bake her a loaf.  Bake in my old kitchen? Yes PLEASE!

No disrespect to my little city flat, but nothing could beat my Mum’s kitchen.  It’s spacious, has everything I need and no flatmates to annoy with my icing sugar.  It was like I could express my baking freedom again! Okay, this sounds like an exaggeration, but I’ve been baking deprived, believe me.  Ahhh so I made a courgette and orange loaf.  Boom. Delicious.

Courgette and Orange Loaf Courgette and Orange Loaf

Oh my goodness I must bake more.  Recipe here.

Happy Baking!

Eve x


5 thoughts on “Courgette and Orange Loaf

    1. Hi Ema. Pistachios go really nicely with orange so that could be an idea! I’ve only ever put pistachios inside a sponge once and it did work really well, but I blitzed them in a food processor to get them very fine before adding them to the mixture. This loaf is really moist, so maybe a sprinkling of pistachios on top could also be an idea? However you do it the flavours will be great!

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