I cut my cookies with class…with a Babycham glass.

I had a bit of a baking blitz today.  The flat to myself, it was cold outside, and I had slept in till the afternoon.  Amazingly, I didn’t have to leave the house for any of the ingredients! The three bakes today were peppermint creams (recipe), eggnog cupcakes, and vanilla cookies. Everything got a bit…colourful.

Christmas Plate!
Christmas Plate!

Peppermint Mosaid

Peppermint Cream Mosaic

Light vanilla sponge with a rum and nutmeg frosting.
Light vanilla sponge with a rum and nutmeg frosting.
I cut my cookies with class...with a Babycham glass.
I cut my cookies with class…with a Babycham glass.

Red cookies

Yes...one cookies is missing #cookiemonster
Yes…one cookies is missing #cookiemonster And I know…runny icing overload (but if you know me, you know my patience levels for decorating cookies…)

I’ve packed a little box of Christmas bakes for my flatmate before I take the rest home to my family for the holidays.  Should be a good one this year – dinner at my Mum’s!

As for a little update on life outside of cakes, I’m doing really well at university this year.  I left my various jobs and focused on the coursework, and now the results are showing!  I’m doing a masters in science communication, which means I get to visit a lot of museums.  Most of my assignments require me to think creatively, and that is probably why my grades are much higher than they were during my undergraduate.  I even got to do an internship at my local zoo! How great is that?

I’m also working on a few start-up blogs outside of Sam Loves Cake.  They’re shaping up to be quite interesting, and I’ll post about them when I can say a bit more.  Sam Loves Cake will most likely be getting a little freshen up in the New Year as well! Quite excited for that, especially because I’m going to return to more frequent baking again.

Anyway, I’d like to wish all you bloggers and readers a very Happy Christmas wherever you may be, and hopefully I’ll get one more post in before Hogmanay!

Happy Baking!

Love Eve x


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