Dog Days

I thought I would write a quick post outside of the kitchen!  Do you remember Woodruff?  I introduced him back in March 2013 and he’s the latest puppy addition to our family.  I thought I would share a little update on Woody, including a photo of my one year old labradoodle!


Isn’t he gorgeous?  Woodruff was a complete riot of a puppy, I resorted to putting on Homeward Bound one afternoon for educative purposes as he was driving me mad.  But he has grown up to be such an amazing dog! He is one and a half years old now, well-trained and extremely good with my young nephews.  The puppy side still comes out at times, but I’d say he’s a champ! He asks for walks by dragging his leash up to my Dad, and he carries my Mum’s handbag to the car for her.  It’s totally adorable.

Happy Dog-Loving!

Eve x


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