Oh My Goodness What is Going On!

Hi all.  Do you have that one friend who constantly changes their house about, moving furniture from one week to the next,and generally just never being happy with the ‘feng-shui’? I am that girl.  Except I’ve been taking it out on my blog lately as opposed to my flat.  I’m sure my neighbours downstairs appreciate that.

Also, Happy New Year.  I didn’t do that.  I’m the blonde girl these days.

Happy New Year, Sam Lo

I’ve had this blog for a few years now (possibly three?) and I was really feeling the need for a bit of a freshen up.  Not only that, but I am in the process of trying to combine two blogs, but with minimal disruption.  Gah.

What’s more is that I have some pretty nice ideas for the next few months!  I am finally going to start working on my Edinburgh cake trail with a fellow blogger and cake lover.  Exciting times ahead!  It has also just been announced that Edinburgh will be hosting a cake festival in June.  C A K E  F E S T I V A L.  I’m getting involved.  Not only that, but I was gifted a lovely stand mixer for Christmas!  This means that I’ll be baking a lot more this year, back to my pre-moving out of my parents’ house (and going through cheap hand-mixers like dirty dishes) numbers!

Bliss.  The main differences to the blog will be its (hopefully) more simplistic appearance, and also the slightly broader topic range that comes with merging into my alternative blog.  This is good though, because it means more cocktail recipes, sharing of quirky restaurants and bars in my city, and my ventures into life.  As in big girl, grown-up, twenty-something life.  Yeah another one of those.  Well, I’m nearly there; just a few more months of post-graduate study to go!  Meanwhile the student life is still going strong…

I’m so excited.  You better be too.

But one more thing, do you like my new look?  I got the antler graphics for F R E E from We Lived Happily After which has probably been my best internet find of the week.  The designer, Hannah, has lots of free graphics for personal use which you should go check out if you’re feeling inspired!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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