Carrot and Coconut Traybake

Towards the end of last year I opened my mailbox to find a thick white envelope lurking there.  My stomach clenched a little; here I was thinking it would be another attempt at taking money off me for some bill or a horrible letter from my letting agency.  But, when I opened the horrible package upstairs a little book fell out.  Never in my life have I been so happy to see a recipe book!  There was no letter, no message, just the latest version of the Be-Ro recipe book sitting on my lap.  I knew straight away who the sender was of course; it was my baking crazed mother!

This week I finally got around to baking something from it.  The recipes are always really straightforward to follow, and the bakes are usually classic home favourites.  I picked a carrot and coconut traybake since this is what was left in my cupboards.  It was simple, quick and totally delicious.  I’m surprised how much I like it considering there isn’t actually any icing on top, just a lovely layer of toasted coconut.

Carrot + Coconut Traybake, Sam Loves Cake

Carrot + Coconut Traybake, Sam Loves Cake

I took a slice for my friend at university yesterday, and it certainly made the policy course a bit easier!  Be-Ro actually have a list of recipes online which is a really good stash if you ever want something last-minute and minimal to bake.  They don’t have this recipe unfortunately, but it’s essentially a sunflower oil sponge with shredded carrot baked in a square tin with toasted coconut and brown sugar spread on top.  You could always order that little book, no reason not to since it’s only £2.50!

On another topic,  I’m visiting a certain bakehouse tomorrow to begin the tasting for the Edinburgh Cake Trail that I’m creating with my friend.  Admittedly, I’ve been to this bakery far too often and I did in fact once work there, however I promise to be completely objective! The two of us are also signing up to a gym class every week to combat the undesirable effects that all of this cake consumption will have…more on that later!

It’s totally stormy in Scotland today by the way.

Happy Baking!

Eve x



4 thoughts on “Carrot and Coconut Traybake

  1. This looks delicious!! My mom is my number one contributor to my massive cookbook selection as well. Most recently she got me “Ovenly” which is one of my faborite bakeries in nyc, so many things I want to make I don’t know where to start!

    1. Thank you! Ooh I’ve never heard of Ovenly, just did a quick search, it looks brilliant! That’s my problem too, too many ideas and too many recipes!

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