A cold and cakey weekend.

This weekend I took a fleeting trip down south to visit one of my besties, Jenny.  She’s the reason why my social calendar is going to be packed this November, you know with getting married and all that.  I only begged her fiancé at Hogmanay last year to pop the question, but of course he had his own little romantic agenda planned for a few months later on the shores of Loch Lomond.  But I am so excited to be one of her bridesmaids!  This’ll be my fifth time walking down the aisle, in the bridesmaid sense that is of course…

Jenny lives in an adorable little village called Ilkley, which to get to, I had to pass through York.  Hold on, stop the train.  Y O R K.  I absolutely love York! So I strategically arrived a couple of hours earlier than necessary so I could have a little wander around the city.  It was snowing and freezing cold, but oh so worth it.  The last time I visited was about three years ago, and there was an empty shop sitting with a notice saying that a cupcakery would be filling the space.  I was totally gutted that I wasn’t going to be there to see what it was.  So hello York, guess where my first stop was!

Crumbs Cupcakery, Sam Loves Cake

The shop was to become Crumbs Cupcakery, and this was where I had my tea and cake for the morning!  Their cake cabinet is the classic drawer style cupcake display seen in a lot of cupcakeries, and you can see why, it’s gorgeous.

Crumbs Cupcakery, Sam Loves Cake

They also had a little fireplace full of rolling pins!

Crumbs Cupcakery, Sam Loves Cake

I opted for their special cupcake of the day, which was a blueberry and white chocolate flavour.  It was a really good cupcake, I couldn’t fault it.  And I absolutely love blueberries, so my day was made!  I really loved layout of Crumbs; it’s such a tight space but there are plenty of seats.  It’s also the kind of place you can quite comfortably go by yourself; that is if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t usually like going solo!

Blueberry and White Chocolate Cupcake, Crumbs York, Sam Loves Cake

Of course York is filled with cake, I experienced this a few years ago! I think another proper cake trail trip is in order as there were quite a few new shops dotted about.  This picture is from the window of Love Rouge Bakery, which regrettably, I didn’t get to try.

Love Rouge Bakery, Sam Loves Cake

York, Sam Loves Cake

York, Sam Loves Cake

Robin, Sam Loves Cake

I really didn’t have long before I had to go to Harrogate for dress shopping, and eh, afternoon tea.  Yes, this was a very cakey weekend.  I’ve never been on such an old train (unless we’re talking steam trains here) as the one I got from York to Harrogate. It was pink and blue with benches for seats! I’m clearly spoiled up here in Scotland…Anyway, guess where afternoon tea was?

Betty's Harrogate, Sam Loves Cake

Betty's Harrogate, Sam Loves Cake

Betty's Harrogate, Sam Loves Cake

Betty's Harrogate, Sam Loves Cake

It was of course Betty’s of Harrogate! Jenny really knows how to treat her bridesmaids!  This was actually a lovely afternoon tea, and we were treated to live piano music throughout.  The pianist was phenomenal, every time a birthday cake was being delivered to a table (there were a lot of birthdays) she broke into a fabulous rendition of Happy Birthday!  However the biggest treat was when she played the wedding song for Jenny, that was really special.  By this point I was just about falling asleep on my feet, so we went back to Jenny’s house in Ilkley and planned the hen-do.  Manchester anyone?

Betty's York, Sam Loves Cake

I got a picture of the Betty’s in York as it was so dark in Harrogate.

Oh and this; this was in Harrogate:

Harrogate, Sam Loves Cake

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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