Caketrails #1: Mimi’s Bakehouse

mimi's 5

At long last, the Edinburgh Cake Trail has begun.  Myself and Bridget of Dear Baker are exploring Edinburgh for the best cake the city has to offer, and where better to start than award winning family bakery, Mimi’s Bakehouse.

I have been visiting Mimi’s more or less since it opened, and I’ve even been behind the scenes when I worked in their second shop, Mimi’s Picnic Parlour, on the Royal Mile! Mimi’s was founded by Michelle (Mi) and Mike (mi) in 2010 who continue to run their bakery with their family.  The variety of cakes on offer is huge, and everything is extremely moreish…have you ever been?
Mimi's Bakehouse, Sam Loves Cake

My choice: Mango and Coconut Cheesecake

Mimi's Bakehouse, Sam Loves Cake

Bridget’s choice: Red Velvet Cake

If there’s one thing the family love at Mimi’s, it’s alliteration! Everywhere you look you will see ‘Lavish Lunches’, ‘Captivating Cakes’, ‘Sumptuous Sarnies’, ‘Pure and Perfect Porridge’, and their ‘Belly Busting Breakfasts’.  All I have to say is that my mango and coconut cheesecake was desperately divine with its fabulous frosting and coconutty covering!

As this is one of those rare bakeries where I have actually sampled every cake, I can share with you my all time favourites which I definitely recommend if you are visiting: Mint Aero Slice, Coconut Ice Slice, Strawberry Dream Cake, Crunchie Cheesecake, Custard Creams, Rocky Road, Nanaimo Bar and the Peanut Butter Blondie.  And that is just a little taster of their huge selection of cake.

My three favourite things:

1. Portion size!

2. Picnic Parlour cake offer, buy 5 get 1 free – it’s just far too tempting.

3. Their online shop.

After my visit to Mimi’s Bakehouse, I took a quick trip round the corner to Beets, a liqueur store in Leith.  I had seen some nice wine bottles in the window, and as always a sucker for good packaging, I couldn’t help myself.  Especially since I am also known as Boom Boom…

Beets Leith, Sam Loves Cake

Guess I’m due a relaxing night in then!

Happy Baking!

Eve x


3 thoughts on “Caketrails #1: Mimi’s Bakehouse

  1. Cakes to die for as they say here… my all time favorite, Red Velvet, and that Mango Cheese cake looks lethal… Oh but to die in bliss… I’l lhave another slice please…
    I’m sharing it.. on twitter, tumblr, and pintrest

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