Caketrails #2: Cuckoo’s Bakery


This week’s cake trail venue is Cuckoo’s Bakery!  I am a big fan of the creativity that the bakers at Cuckoo’s put into their cupcakes.  I’ve always said that this bakery really knows how to market with cake; and I firmly believe that if your product can do your marketing for you, you’re a winner.

Cuckoo’s Bakery is on the mark when it comes to spreading the word.  They managed to get themselves a high media presence during the Scottish referendum, simply by decorating their cupcakes with flags…or more cleverly, options.  What better way to make a statement than to place your vote using a cupcake and displaying it to your entire social media network?

And likewise, this week we will be celebrating Burns Night in Scotland, so what do Cuckoo’s do? They make their special tablet cupcake decorated with a simple thistle.  Customers love that; it’s a no-brainer.  Yet I don’t see many other bakeries in Edinburgh being this creative.  Sure, the Christmas and Valentines holidays are used and abused by bakeries everywhere, but who does that impress? Not many people anymore.  If you can step out of the box like Cuckoo’s does, that’s when you’re going to attract attention.

Not only do they have their own little tearoom, but they have spread their cupcakes into department store cafes across Edinburgh.  Most notably, they’ve gotten themselves a spot at the top of Harvey Nichols! Cuckoo’s have an online store as well, so really you can’t complain at all if you think their tearoom is too far away from the centre of town.

Cuckoo's Bakery, Sam Loves Cake

Cuckoo's Bakery, Sam Loves Cake

Cukcoo's Bakery, Sam Loves Cake

The ‘Curious Cupcake Cabinet’

Cuckoo's Bakery, Sam Loves Cake

My choice: Scottish Tablet Cupcake for Burns Night

Cuckoo's Bakery, Sam Loves Cake

Bridget’s choice: Banana and Caramel Cupcake

Not only are Cuckoo’s Bakery generally excellent about what they do; but they are also considerate about the environment and the community.  They have a great incentive which gets customers a 10% discount if they come back with their cupcake boxes!

My three favourite things:

1. Their distribution across the city.

2. Creativity!

3. Their ethos.

Are you a fan of Cuckoo’s Bakery?

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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