Caketrails #3: Lovecrumbs


So this week Bridget and I ventured to the other side of the Grassmarket and dropped into hipster bakery, Lovecrumbs! What makes it hipster? Possibly the piano come table, the shabby chic interior or the cushioned window seat? Regardless of what you think of hipster places, this place is totally laid back, very comfortable and full of some of the best flavour combinations in the city.

Lovecrumbs was set up spontaneously in 2011 by baker, Rachel, and barista, Hollie.The bakers strive to use the best of British ingredients and they like to keep it seasonal. I approve. And, in their own words, they don’t do ‘lunchy stuff’, they are a cake-only venue.  Basically, they do what they do best: C A K E. I’d say keep it this way! So how do Lovecrumbs display their cakes?  In a beautiful old wardrobe of course.  I particularly like the use of the coathanger rail for cake tongs.

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

I’m really enjoying the little cacti accents around this bakery!

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

Eclectic and eye-catching window display.

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

Lovecrumbs sell a range of jams and spreads.

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

When you run out of room in your wardrobe for cake…

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake


Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

Could someone send me a peanut butter brownie please?

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

Here it is, the glamorous wardrobe…and Bridget eyeing up the cakes in the mirror!

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

Bridget’s choice: Chocolate Pistachio Cake

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

My choice: Orange, Almond and Blueberry Cake.

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

The place to be.

Lovecrumbs, Sam Loves Cake

A little message left by us…

My three favourite things:

1. The flavour combinations!

2. Their bakery postcards (I collect postcards you know)

3. Their name, Lovecrumbs.

Both of these cakes we chose were really tasty.  Bridget commented that the cake to icing ratio is just right; this means that nothing tastes too sweet which is ideal!  And one more thing…there’s a little rumour going around that Lovecrumbs might be opening up another shop…take a look at this and see what you think…

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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