Deep Fried Tequila Shot – Yes I did.

People who know me know that I like to drink tequila. My nickname, ‘Boom Boom’, comes from a type of tequila shot I liked to take when I was doing research in Mexico. I love Mexican food and drink, so I know pretty much all of the places in Edinburgh that hit the spot! One of my favourites is the stylish Basement Bar on Broughton Street (my favourite street in the city). I went there with Will last night and we had a really great meal. The only disappointment was that my favourite cocktail, the Apple Kai, was no longer on the menu! I’m all for change but people please, don’t get rid of the really good ones!

Anyway, what I really wanted to share with you was the dessert, obviously. We had a bit of difficulty choosing, because out of the four options there were three we really wanted (kind of). Let me explain. I desperately wanted to try the Tequila Trio, just for the experience (Will couldn’t imagine anything worse). I also craved the Tres Leche (as my actual dessert), but Will really wanted the Sweet Empanadias. I was happy to go with whatever in the end, as long as we shared the Tequila Trio. I have NEVER seen someone so beat up about dessert, and that’s coming from the girl who sweats the small stuff! Will was having a serious dilemma, and apparently it was my fault. He only ever wanted the Sweet Empanadias until I said I wanted the Tres Leche, and somehow that made him want it too. JEEZ.

So I watched him fight with himself about this for a good five minutes until he reluctantly made a decision. He said we’d get the Tequila Trio and the Tres Leche but I wasn’t to mention the Sweet Empanadias again (I know, right?!). Okay. So the girl came over and I ordered, but Will who was still crying inside didn’t notice that I actually ordered all three because what the hell right? It’s only dessert. So we had all three.

This was the Tres Leche – and it was so damn good that’s all I’m saying. (apologies for the poor quality photos!)

The Basement Edinburgh, Sam Loves Cake

The Sweet Empanadias, not really my cup of tea but Will loved them. They’re basically strawberries and chocolate.

The Basement Edinburgh, Sam Loves Cake

And finally, the Tequila Trio. This included a tequila snap wrapped around avocado ice-cream (avocado ice-cream people, did you read that?), a tequila and lime jelly shot (rimmed with salt), and finally deep-fried tequila…yes. I’d say you’re paying for the experience here more than the actual dessert!

The Basement Edinburgh, Sam Loves CakeSurprisingly, my favourite bit was the jelly, and I wasn’t too keen on the avocado ice-cream (which is shocking because I adore avocado). Will finished the plate though (no surprises there). The deep fried tequila shot was actually pretty nice! Although the tequila could hit you hard in some bites.

But please, drama queen:

The Basement Edinburgh, Sam Loves Cake

Would you try a deep fried tequila shot?

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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