Boston Cream Cupcakes and The Ox, Edinburgh

Boston Cream Cupcakes, Sam Loves Cake

This picture sums up what my life is right now. Stuck in my room, with my phone and reading about bananas. Oh and there’s a cupcake there too for photographic purposes. I baked a nice batch of Boston cream cupcakes from an older Hummingbird Bakery book and thoroughly enjoyed eating most of the custard before actually using any as cupcake filling…Regardless, my flatmate enjoyed eating them.

Boston Cream Cupcakes, Sam Loves CakeThat icing though…so yum! The exciting news is this though: I am making a recipe book for my postgraduate dissertation project. Somehow, I managed to find a way to combine my love of cake with my degree in science communication, which has now somehow led to me working on a creative project designing a recipe book for sustainability. I rock. I also have a lot of work to do. So I am sitting in my room, with my phone, reading a book about bananas. And there we have gone full circle. A bit like many of the ideas in sustainability. A closed loop.

I absolutely must get out of my flat.

I exaggerate, I really do (kind of). I had a great weekend! It began in my favourite bar, The Safari Lounge, and then a fuzzy flat party, on to dinner at The Ox on Sunday and even better it carried onto Monday which turned out to be a phenomenal night out (even if I did end up in Hive, again).

The Ox, Sam Loves Cake

The Ox, Edinburgh

The Ox, Sam Loves Cake

Crispy Potatoes with chilli, onion and sour cream.

The Ox, Sam Loves Cake

Wood Pigeon

The Ox, Sam Loves Cake

Chocolate Brownie with Pistachio Ice-Cream

I honestly can’t say I’m a fan of the presentation of that brownie. Interpret it any way you wish, but that is not how I would choose to serve that dish! As for everything else, it was pretty nice. The wood pigeon was small for a main though, so I’m glad I had a plate of ginormous chips there. I also can’t say I’m a fan of wood pigeon now that I’ve tried it for the first time. I was having some serious vegetarian thoughts as I kept having flashbacks of Peppy the Pigeon from my garden back home. But really I find the meat too tender and not really that tasty (as my friend cleverly said: “pigeon main turns out to be fowl”). This is a nice place though, right at the bottom of Broughton Street (I don’t know how many times I have said that it’s my favourite street in Edinburgh), but I would never take any of my fussy eater friends here. And none of my veggie friends either for that matter.

Friends, Sam Loves CakeAnd finally a photo that I don’t really remember being taken.

Happy Baking!

Eve x


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