Baked: The State of Our Planet

A little while ago I mentioned that I would be starting my masters dissertation project and that it would involve cupcakes. I’m happy to say that I am well underway with this project now! My masters is called MSc Science Communication and Public Engagement, and I decided to incorporate my passion into my thesis to make the whole thing a little bit more enjoyable. I made a recipe book in order to communicate sustainability to audiences in Edinburgh. The aim was to get rid of the green, overused images of environmental science, and to engage an audience who loved cake. Hopefully, they would be able to learn something about sustainability by reading about a topic they already enjoyed.

Baked: The State of Our Planet, Sam Loves Cake

This was the rough copy of the front page that I designed for the project. Right now I’m gathering feedback on the draft of the book from various people in Edinburgh. I baked quite a lot of cake for this! Thankfully my colleagues in the office helped to consume it all!

Here is a PDF version of the book if you’re at all interested in sustainability, or of course…cake:

Baked: The State of Our Planet, Sam Loves Cake

There are things I love about this booklet, and things I would love to change already. But it has been a brilliant learning process for me. The next step is to write it all up in 12,000 words…this should be interesting!

Happy Baking!



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