Cheers Witches!

This whole week has been full on Halloween, from planning fun social media content at work to hosting a costume-party at my flat this weekend. I’m honestly all spooked out. But I always love Halloween, and this time it was no exception.

Photo of a ghost costume.

Always remember to iron your ghost.

Halloween isn’t all trickery though, I had to get some cake in there! This year I made a vanilla cheesecake with a spiderweb design (which I like to call Charlotte-Cheesecake) and anatomical cupcakes (the brains inspired by Lily Vanilli’s ‘A Zombie Ate My Cupcake). I also made some holiday-appropriate peppermint creams because they’re too good to leave out…

Photo of a spider-web cheesecake.


Photo of a Halloween buffet.

Halloween treats

Photo of Halloween cupcakes.

Anatomical cupcakes

I got the little yellow recipe book out to make some of Mum’s classic boozy punch as well. It got the Halloween treatment of course, with gummy worms and mouths…I did go a bit excessive and make a second punch with my Salted Caramel Vodka which I never wanted to taste again. So into a cocktail it went!

Photo of a chocolate skull.

My friend David even brought a gift! His friend makes these little chocolate sugar skulls, and me loving everything Mexican thought this was the best thing ever.

Photo of Eve and Erin in costume.

And the costume? Well I went as Little Miss Piggy and my flatmate, Erin, joined in the Muppet fun to go as Kermit the frog. We did alright really.

Photo of Eve and Erin in costume.

Kermit and Little Miss Piggy

Photo of people walking in the dark.

And since it was Halloween, we decided to chance our fate and go for a creepy midnight zombie walk around the park…we survived.

My top Halloween songs this year:

  1. Abracadabra
  2. Lucifer
  3. I Put A Spell On You
  4. The Exorcist theme tune
  5. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper

Happy Halloween!

Eve x


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