Eve // Scientist // Scottish // Big-ideas //\\ Sam \\ Dog \\ Boxer\\ Sweet-tooth

Sam Loves Cake

In summary ///

I am a 22 year old science communication student in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This means I get to wander around a lot of museums and work in interesting places, such as my local zoo.  I adore Mexico, and everything Mexican.  This includes guacamole, because I can’t get enough of this superfood.  My flat is covered in fairy lights, it’s pretty spectacular.  I drink cider, and cocktails. The zombie is my favourite cocktail.  I love music, and sunflowers are the prettiest.  I love cake. Obviously.  I also love dogs.  Obviously.  I try not to hate too much, but I’m only human.  I dislike bad eyebrows and drab surroundings.  But seriously, eyebrows.

My inspiration ///

My Mum, hands down.  She is an incredible baker, super cook and phenomenal person.  Lily Vanilli because her work is super creative.  Her recipes are genuinely divine.  Bri Emery, because she has such a cool job and inspiring blog.  Hummingbird Bakery, my go-to book.  I haven’t even been lucky enough to visit one yet.  Open in Scotland! Cuckoo’s Bakery (which is in Scotland) has my favourite cupcakes.  They know how to use baked goods in marketing! Finally, Mexico.  Those colours!


Happy Baking!

Eve x



One thought on “About

  1. Hi! I’ve just nominated you for an award in my latest post. I wanted to thank you for your support at the beginning of my blogging journey! Also you’ve got some amazing looking creations on your site and I look forward to learning more about you through this award x

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